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Coming soon... BSO Live 2019

On Friday 1st February we will be once again attending the BSO Schools Concert and taking a record number of children from 7 different schools to enjoy this incredible experience.

The theme this year is 'Celebration 1-2-5' to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, and James Redwood has composed the three pieces we will take part in with this in mind.

Gamelan Showcase Day

On Wednesday 12th December 2018 we invited parents from all of our taught classes across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 at St Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Exeter to come in and hear us perform on the Gamelan which we were lucky enough to borrow for the term.

As well as listening to their children perform, parents were also invited to join in and have a go themselves! The children loved seeing their parents having a go at a new instrument, and the adults all had a great time too!

We regularly invite parents into school as it is a perfect way for children to gain the confidence to perform in front of an audience in a safe and friendly way.

Exmouth Festival 2018

On Friday 25th May we took part in the inaugural concert of the Exmouth Festival - the ever-popular schools concert. This took place on the Imperial Playing Fields to a packed crowd. Children from several of our schools took part in performances which involved singing and playing the glockenspiel.

We are immensely proud of all our performers, who ranged from Year 1 up to Year 4. For some, it was the first time they'd stood and performed on a stage and there was certainly some stage fright to overcome!

Many thanks once again to Olly Davey for organising this great event.

Dance to the Music - Easter 2018

Our latest holiday workshop was our second 3-day music and dance collaboration with Step Up and Dance (the amazing Katie Murray). Over the three days, our 30 children put together three dance routines along with the vocals, often in two parts, with a finale of ‘Happy’. We filmed their routines using green screen technology, so they appear with an amazing animated background!  On the final day we gave a presentation to parents and friends.

BSO Live 2018

We took over 300 pupils from 5 different schools to watch the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra perform at the Great Hall in Exeter on Friday 16th March. They also got the opportunity to perform several pieces alongside the orchestra which we had worked on in the weeks building up to the concert.

This is such a great experience for the children to be a part of and once again we would like to thank the BSO for the opportunity to see and hear such wonderful musicians playing live.

The 'Thriller' group performing
The 'Thriller' group performing

Dance to the Music

Primary Music & Education recently joined forces with 'Step Up and Dance', a local dance company led by the super-talented Katie Murray (read more about the company at

We put together an outstanding three-day course which saw the children rehearse and star in their own animated music/dance video. On the final afternoon, a presentation of their dances and singing was given to the parents and it was a great success.

Feedback from one happy mum: 'I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and Katie for the last few days. Martha has LOVED it and I thought the performance today was fantastic. All their faces smiling back whilst they were singing their hearts out and dancing around literally made my day.'

We intend to run these courses a couple of times during the year as well as our usual one-day music camps.

Exmouth Festival 2017

We were delighted to take part in this year's Exmouth Festival Schools' Concert on 26th May. The concert was organised by the brilliant local musician and teacher Olly Davey, and featured several schools from the local area with a variety of different performances, including dance, guitar and singing.

Primary Music children from Littleham Primary School and St Joseph's Primary School performed several songs to a packed crowd. The finale was a collaboration with other schools - a performance of 'Sing' by Gary Barlow, with Fay conducting.

The performances were brilliantly received and the children all had a wonderful experience of performing on stage - for many, it was the first time they had ever done so. Well done to all involved!

BSO Live: Virtual Concert (24.5.17)

Over one hundred children working with Primary Music were involved in a pioneering 'virtual' concert today alongside the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, fronted by composer James Redwood. Over the past weeks, the pupils had learned two specially-commissioned pieces to perform with the orchestra from the classroom.

As well as the pieces we performed, we had the pleasure of listening to the orchestra performing several pieces within the theme of 'Secrets and Codes', including works by Shostakovich and Elgar.

We aim to give our young musicians as many opportunities as possible to get involved with live music.

Performing Four Elements
Performing Four Elements

Primary Music & Education prepared over 80 children for this outstanding event, which took part at The Great Hall, Exeter University, on 16th March. As well as hearing such orchestral classics as Holst's Mars and Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, we took part in two specially-composed pieces - Four Elements and War and Peace, by composer James Redwood - alongside the orchestra and over 30 other schools.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Schools Concert 2017

It was a tremendous experience for all involved. Here are just some of the comments received by the children afterwards:

It was amazing I enjoyed the music because it was so joyful and fun. I thought the best part was the 4 Elements song

I really liked it (Sam H)

The Elements was quite loud and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m very inspired (Harriet)

My day has been amazing because I could see James in real life (Brooke)

It was insanely good!

Dylan gives the thumbs up!
Dylan gives the thumbs up!

The music was very interesting and loud which was very different to our normal music (Lola)

Very enjoyable, would come again. I loved watching the composer (Dylan)

I really enjoyed the performance. It was great, the orchestra were amazing and they worked really hard and they looked like they enjoyed themselves (Megan)

I loved 4 Elements and War and Peace

I enjoyed the loud bangs (Tom)

I thought Mars Attacks was really good (Sonny)

I enjoyed the music itself (Alens)

It was like magic because we could join in with the stage (Kiesha)

Photo courtesy of Exmouth Journal
Photo courtesy of Exmouth Journal

February half term holiday camps 

We ran two successful holiday camps over the half term holiday with over 50 children in attendance. Children had the opportunity to learn, compose and perform using glockenspiels and xylophones, as well as taking part in a range of other fun musical activities. 

The camp was featured in the Exmouth Journal (see photo).

Mixed Primary Music choirs performing for Candlelit Carols
Mixed Primary Music choirs performing for Candlelit Carols

Candlelit Carols 2016

In collaboration with Bumble & Bee in Exmouth, we were proud to present 'Candlelit Carols' on Thursday 22nd December from 5pm-6pm.

Children from several local schools performed Christmas songs with Primary Music & Education, alongside other prominent local performing musicians.

This was the first community project for Primary Music & Education. Many thanks to Debra and Toby at Bumble & Bee for working with us!

Christmas holiday camp 2016

Some images from our fabulously festive music camp on Monday 19th December 2016:

Christmas music camp at Littleham Primary School
Christmas music camp at Littleham Primary School
Performing with Boomwhackers
Performing with Boomwhackers
Great teamwork and cooperation
Great teamwork and cooperation
Enjoying singing our favourite Christmas songs
Enjoying singing our favourite Christmas songs
Arranging and practising rhythms
Arranging and practising rhythms
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