Primary Schools

A fully-comprehensive music service


We are able to offer CPD to teachers in schools in the following ways:


Workshops demonstrating how to teach a particular class set of instruments

Shadowing programme

Observation of the specialist music teacher leading to the class teacher taking the sessions with support from the music teacher

Music theory

Music theory for teachers - the basics needed for teaching a class of children with success and confidence

We are happy to run CPD sessions for school staff in order to broaden their knowledge and confidence of many different areas of music teaching.

Teachers in primary schools are often lacking in confidence when it comes to teaching music to their classes. As a specialist area, it is one of the subjects that teachers can be fearful of – particularly if they have had little or no musical education themselves.

Furthermore, with the constraints of today’s curriculum, music doesn’t get the coverage during the school week as it deserves.

Music is so important to a child’s brain development, and learning music has proven benefits throughout the other subject areas taught in schools, particularly in maths and literacy, as well as helping with collaborative learning, turn-taking, sharing, memory, listening and gaining confidence.

Primary Music & Education can provide CPD for schools to learn more about how they can develop a wider musical curriculum and teach the subject with more confidence.

We also have a shadowing programme where teachers are welcome to observe music sessions in order to further their own understanding of the subject.

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