Sao Paolo meets East Devon

After several successful samba courses within our schools, we decided it would be a good idea to buy a set of our own so that we can not only offer samba in our school environments but also within holiday camps and at specialist school workshops. 

The samba model is built around pulse and rhythm. Surdos hold a pulse, which provides literally the heartbeat of the music. The other instruments offer different rhythms, which fit together to make an incredible sound. We have a three-tone samba whistle which the children are trained to respond to. 

Rhythm and pulse are a key part of early music theory and practice. They are intrinsic to listening skills and musicality in general. There is nothing more tribal and archaic than learning the rhythms of drums and what they stand for. 

We have a set which includes tamborims, surdos, ganzas, tambourines, agogos, caixas and repiniques.

We are so excited to offer the samba experience to our children. 

Posted on February 2nd 2018

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