These four words are familiar to our young musicians in our classes. STOP - be still. Mind, body, breathing, eyes. LISTEN - enjoy the sounds you can hear. RELAX - take the time to enjoy just being in the moment and focusing on your own body. REFLECT - think about the key aspects you are being asked to consider. 

From the age of 4 upwards we practise ‘Active Listening’ with our classes with great success. We listen to all types of music through history from 1000AD to the present day and look at the timeline of history to see how they fit into the context of our key historical markers. We also discuss key composers and their impact on the history of music. 

Today in Year 4 we listened to ‘Ode to Joy’ from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and had a long discussion about the fact that he was stone deaf when he wrote it. One child expected it to be “a bit rubbish” for this reason and was genuinely amazed when he heard it. As a teacher I facilitated the discussion but let the children lead it - it’s incredible how children of 8/9 can really get to the nitty gritty of an issue. 

“That must have been so frustrating for him to not even hear his own piece.”

“I honestly thought that was amazing.”

“I thought my brain would burst with all those sounds!”

“I just loved it. I don’t know why.”

I’m so excited to take these little sponges to see a real-life orchestra.

A few drawings to represent their interpretations of this piece...

Posted on January 30th 2018

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