Our trip to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Three hundred Primary Music children from 5 schools took part in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s Secrets and Codes concert at the Great Hall, Exeter University, on Friday 16th March. It really was an incredible experience to be a part of. We are hugely proud of every single one of the children, who worked so hard to learn the pieces and sat so beautifully during the performance.

For the majority of our children, this was the first time they had ever experienced live music of this kind. Seeing their faces full of awe and wonder was an absolute pleasure.

We are so grateful to the BSO for another wonderful musical opportunity!

We have worked for many weeks to teach the children two compositions by resident composer James Redwood, which they performed alongside the orchestra and the other children who were attending the concert.

James compered the concert and made sure the children were actively participating as well as explaining what they were about to hear.

Here are just a few comments from our children:

"I enjoyed all of it but my favourite was listening to the orchestra playing music." Lily

"I enjoyed everything. It was very loud!" Edee

"I enjoyed doing the actions. My favourite one was the beatbox." Johnie

"I loved the Star Wars theme!" Caleb

"At the concert I liked listening and guessing the music." Lilly-Rae

"It was amazing how loud it was." Isobel

"My favourite part was the body percussion." Kittianna

Posted on March 28th 2018

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