Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra schools concert 2019

The bitter cold and snow sadly meant that attendance numbers were hugely depleted this year, but all but one of the Primary Music schools were still able to attend this year's BSO schools concert at The Great Hall in Exeter University.

This year's theme 'Celebration 1-2-5' was in recognition of the 125th anniversary of the BSO and the pieces the orchestra performed had been thoughtfully selected to reflect this achievement. The opening piece was Shostakovich's Festival Overture, and it would be fair to say that the audience were blown away by the sheer power of the sound of a full symphony orchestra at top volume.

Resident composer James Redwood had once again composed three outstanding pieces for the audience to learn and perform alongside the orchestra; firstly, a piece of body percussion which very cleverly featured patterns using the numbers 1. 2 and 5 as well as rhythms which incorporated phrases relating to the theme. The second joint performance was his arrangement of Beethoven's 'Ode To Joy', which children performed using Makaton as well as singing. Finally, a piece written by Bournemouth schoolchildren, 'Musical Fireworks', again set to music by James and incorporating Makaton. Redwood's compositions were scattered amongst the orchestral pieces, meaning that children had the opportunity to be active participants regularly as well as enjoying listening to the beautiful sounds of the orchestra.

James introduced each piece with care, ensuring that children had the knowledge to listen out for key themes on different instruments, explaining what the composer had intended with each piece, and making the listening experience relevant, interesting and most of all, a lot of fun for the audience. who ranged from only 6 years old up to 11.

Looking around at the faces of children (and adults!) who had never experienced such an event was so uplifting. One boy, Charlie, was heard quietly exclaiming, "the sound is so beautiful" to the boy next to him. Another girl, Brooke, was so overwhelmed watching the expert baton of Marta Gardoliaska that she was mirroring all of her movements without realising!

A wonderful afternoon of music, culture and a treat for the senses.


Festive Overture 

D'un matin de Printemps

Body Percussion 1-2-5

Mighty River

Chorale from Ode to Joy

Symphonic Dances Finales

Musical Fireworks Song

Candide Overture

Posted on February 2nd 2019

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